How to Have a Conversation With Someone New

How to Have a Conversation With Someone New
How to Have a Conversation With Someone New

Does the idea of having a conversation with someone new scare your pants off? Well, luckily for you, doing it online is a lot less scary for many than doing it in person. Keep reading for tips on how to start a conversation with someone new online!

1. Find Common Ground

You can find common ground even with someone who is really different from you! Just keep talking about your interests until you get to something that you both like. If you really can’t find something, try talking about something that everyone loves: dogs or family. Those are pretty safe topics. You might think that it is not useful to talk to people with whom you have little in common, but it’s actually a great exercise in learning how to have compassion for just about anyone you will encounter. We are all human and we all want many of the same things!

2. Stay Focused

Even if it is an online conversation where it might seem easy to dip in and out while doing other things at home, if you’re trying to get to know someone new, it might be best to stay focused on the conversation at hand. This way they will feel like you are paying attention to them and really trying to get to know them! If you are always in and out of the conversation they might not believe that your attempts to start a new conversation are valid and they might also wander off and find something else to do.

3. Keep it Two Sided

When you’re nervous, it’s easy to have a one-sided conversation with someone new. You can either totally focus on them or focus only on yourself. Make sure the conversation is balanced with you giving them information about you and asking them questions about themselves. When you do ask the questions, make sure that you actually give them the time and space to answer effectively before you start talking about yourself. The best conversations are an equal back and forth between two or more people, so just let things flow naturally!

Now that you know how to start a conversation with someone new, you have no excuse to not start chatting and making new friends right now! Sign on to your favorite chat room and get started!

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