How to Monitor Screen Time When Chatting Online

How to Monitor Screen Time When Chatting Online
How to Monitor Screen Time When Chatting Online

If you love to chat online then you know how easy it is for hours to fly by. Some people find them almost addicting because they don’t want to miss anything that happens in the exciting chat. However, it’s very important to figure out the proper amount of time to spend in a chat room. Too much time and you may lose touch with the real world. Then too little may not build the relationships or friendships you are hoping to find online.

How do you spend the right amount in chat? Follow these tips.

1. Determine Your Limits

The first step is to figure out how much time you want to spend online. This could be different for every person. You may have a busy schedule that leaves only 30 minutes to chat at the end of the day. You may have an open schedule that leaves you 2 hours to chat during the day. You need to come up with what will work for you. When choosing this amount of time, be realistic about what you want out of chatting and how much time you actually have.

2. Try Setting a Timer

Now that you know how much time you actually want to spend online, you should just set a timer. Make sure you abide by the rules you set for yourself when the timer goes off and don’t chat for any longer. The whole point of a timer is to help you set yourself up for success so you can find a good balance between chatting online and interacting in the real world with the people you actually know in person.

3. Think About What You Want

Do you have a goal of chatting online? For example, talking to women, making friends, or learning about certain topics. If you do, consider staying focused on your goal while chatting, and consider leaving the chat if you have made some headway on achieving your goal.

Is your goal to get the phone number of a girl? Then consider leaving the chat and starting to text her when you reach your goal. In fact, this keeps people focused and lets you have a better chat vs real-world balance.

4. Don’t Let Bullies Bring You Down

You want your time online to be productive and fun. You want to meet your online goals but you are also here to relax and have a good time. Since you are limiting the time you spend online chatting, it’s important to try to have as much of a good time as possible. Don’t get distracted or off track by bullies or trolls. Getting into online arguments with people will just stress you out and make your stay online for longer than you mean to. If you do run into some bullies, just use the block or mute feature!

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