How to Make People Smile in Chat Rooms

How to Make People Smile in Chat Rooms
How to Make People Smile in Chat Rooms

When you are chatting online, you probably want to make friends. One way to make people smile is to make them smile and laugh. Some people have a hard time figuring out how to do this. Does that sound like you? If it does, keep reading to find out the top tips to make people smile online!

1. Keep It Positive

Of course, being a negative Nancy or Ned will keep people from smiling. The first step to making people smile is to not make them frown! Try to put a positive spin on things even when someone else is having a hard time. When someone is having a bit of a downer, having someone just be nice can turn their day totally around and improve it a whole lot. One way to keep things on the positive side is to think about what you would want to hear if you were having a bad day.

2. Make Nice Jokes

Jokes make people smile. You don’t have to be a comedian to make jokes. Just let your normal sense of humor flow. However, keep in mind that you should never make jokes at someone else’s expense. That will make people feel bad. Even if they smile to your face about it they might feel bad about it. If you make a joke about someone else in the chat to make another person laugh, the joke recipient might feel insecure that you will make a joke about them to someone else in the future!

3. Don’t Feed the Trolls

Yes, there are trolls online everywhere. However, to keep everyone in the chat room smiling, it’s important not to give them fodder. Once you recognize that someone is a troll or a provoker, instead of dealing with it yourself, tell a chat moderator or admin. Then they can deal with the person and determine if they have broken any rules. They might block the troll from the chat which will allow the whole chat room to become even more fun and smile friendly for everyone.

4. Give Compliments

Giving people compliments is an awesome way to make them smile. Think about yourself. Don’t you love it when people tell you nice things about yourself? Compliment people about their personalities, or if they share pictures with you, find something about their appearance or what they are wearing to compliment. You can always find something that you like about someone to make them feel good and give them a smile!

Making people smile is a great way to spread positivity. When you make one person smile, they will turn around and make someone else in their life smile. Making one person smile can have a huge ripple effect in the world!

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